Metalworkers’ Trade Union of Croatia – Industrial Trade Union (MTUC–ITU) is an independent non-partisan association of voluntary members, founded to protect and promote the economic and social interests of its members, based on the principles of reciprocity and solidarity, and equality of all members, regardless of religious, national, sexual or political affiliation.

SMH-IS-IS has about 12,000 members today and it has organized membership by branches in companies of which there are more than 150. It also has a union commissioner and a union commission in each branch and operates in branches through eight regional commissions, in which eight professional regional commissioners are professionally employed.

SMH-IS is associated with other related unions in the largest Headquarters in Croatia – the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Croatia (SSSH). It is a full member of the two largest trade unions in the world: World Federation of Metalworkers (IMF) based in Geneva and European Federation of Metalworkers (EMF) based in Brussels.


Federacja Związków Zawodowych Metalowców i Hutników w Polsce (FZZMiH), Poland

Federation of Trade Unions of Metalworkers and Metallurgists in Poland (hereinafter referred to as: Federation) is the legal successor and the continuator of the traditions and activities of the Trade Unions Metalworkers in Poland, operating since 1908. The Federation is a national, voluntary and self-governing trade union organization.

The Federation associates on a voluntary basis the enterprise and inter-enterprise trade unions of workers in the metal and steel industry, without infringing their legal personality and not limiting the independence resulting from their statutes.

Samostalni sindikat metalaca Srbije (SSMS), Serbia

Samostalni sindikat metalaca Srbije (SSMS) affiliates metal sector workers in Serbia and is organized in 5 Serbian regions. The administrative structure of the SSMS is consisted from Supervisory Board having 31 members, Congress, Presidency and Statutory Board. There is also the Advisory Council which provides analysis and supports the work of SSMS.

SSMS is the founder of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia (CATUS) and the representatives of SSMS participate in the work and activities of the Confederation and its bodies on regularly basis. SSMS is a member of IndustriALL. In order to protect the employees and their rights in the autonomous provinces, cities and municipalities, the SSMS has established regional and shop-steward organizations.

Confederazione dei Sindacati Autonomi dei Lavoratori – CONF.S.A.L., Italy

The Confsal consists of trade union organizations of employees and non-employed, unemployed and unemployed, pensioners, as well as associations and cooperatives of Italian citizens, Europeans and non-Europeans, employed or not, coordinated at the Confederation’s unitary summit. The aim of the Confederation is the protection and development of social, cultural, moral, professional, legal and economic conditions of citizens based on freedom, justice and social equity, respecting the values of the person and human dignity.

The Confsal realizes the purposes referred to in the first paragraph, including through the establishment of specific organizational structures – Bodies, Associations, Offices, Service Companies – in the fields of training / education, publishing, social security, legal assistance, tax , health, equal opportunities, leisure time, housing policy.

Riga Business Association – RBA, Latvia

Riga Business Association (RBA) is a non-governmental organization uniting their ranks Riga small and medium-sized enterprises. Riga Business Association objective to represent the interest of Riga Business Association (RBA) members (entrepreneurs) and promote dialogue with national and municipal authorities as well as international organizations in taking part in decision-making, that would benefit (encourage) businessmen (entrepreneurs) and the city of Riga’s economic development.

Union of Employers of Vojvodina – UPV, Serbia

The Union of Employers of Vojvodina is a non-partisan and non-governmental organization of employers based on voluntary membership, which protects and represents the interests of employers from the territory of AP Vojvodina. It has over 30,000 members – companies and entrepreneurs, both individual and collective members. Through the Union of Employers of Serbia – as an umbrella organization, the Union of Employers of Vojvodina achieves protection of the interests of its members at the national level.

Comisiones Obreras de Industria – CCOO de Industria, Spain

CCOO is an effective instrument of protection and labor and social improvement. Proof of this is that they are the first union, with nearly 100,000 union delegates and almost a million members, to whom they owe their independence. CCOO is essential to achieve better working conditions, better wages and new rights through the negotiation of collective agreements, a permanent relationship with companies and dialogue with the different Public Administrations.

Unification of Lithuanian Metalworkers’ Trade Unions – LMPSS, Lithuania

Unification of Lithuanian Metalworkers’ Trade Unions (LMPSS) – a trade association which brings together members working in the field of engineering industry – metal products, machinery, bicycles, electrotechnics and electronics industry, vehicle sector and in other industries companies. Their main objective is to improve economic status and higher living standards of employees’, strengthen the movement of trade unions and represent our branch in whole Lithuania responsibly.