21 – 22.09.2022, Malaga, Spain

On September 21-22, 2022 in Malaga, Spain, was organized the final conference for the project “The future is now”. The conference lasted two days and it was open by the project leader SMH, while the lectures on the topics were conducted by the main expert of the project, Phd. Lazar Jovevski.

The project beneficiary opened this conference and welcomed all the participants. This was the last planned activity for this project. After the opening words all the delegates were presented. Mr. Jovevski started the first session that consisted of the overview of the achieved results from project activities in the past 18 months. The main expert presented the final publication, as a final product from this project and discussing about the findings and the conclusions given in the publication. During the next section “Empowering employees, engaging customers, optimizing operations and bigger mobility – what are the areas of digital transformation?” there was discussed about the digital transformation and how it affects every segment from the working processes. It was stated the need for the companies to make changes across all departments in order to keep up with this new transformation.

After that, there was a panel discussion entitled – “do we have what’s necessary to achieve digital transformation in the metal sector in every country equally?”. Every country expressed their own findings, and stated their opinion about this digital transformation in the metal sector.

On the end of working session, there were questions and answers segment were many questions and dilemmas were opened. After the successful discussion the main expert summarized everything that was discussed during that day and sent his best regards to all partners until the next day.

On the second day all the partners were welcomed once again by the project beneficiary followed by short summary of the previous day. In the first section, the Leading expert talked about the regulatory and non-regulatory framework for governing AI. Does it need improvements and what are the next logical steps when it comes to digital transformation?

Another topic that was discussed during the second day was the need for digitalization in order to have more flexible and resilient workplaces in the metal sector. Another topic also was opened “Finding mechanisms that will increase the worker involvement in the anticipation and management of change as a result of AI”. Within this session there was pointed out that the digital transformation will only be successful if we involve the workers actively in the processes of decision making regarding the AI.

This event was closed with a workshop for working in groups, on two different topics. The first group needed to answer the question “What was changed in your sector in the past 18 months as a result of digitalization and artificial intelligence?” and the second one – “Was the common knowledge about AI among workers increased as a result of this project activities?”. All participants were divided in one of the both groups, they participated and discussed on the chosen subject. They shared the information about their own countries, and expressed their opinions on the following subjects. On the end, there were questions and answers followed by short summary on everything that was discussed during the two days of the conference. This final meeting was ended by the project beneficiary who sent his best regards to all partners.