On June 14-15, 2022, a two-day workshop was held online, entitled “Introduction of publication on the existing situation in partner countries”, within the project “The future is now”. The two days of the workshop were open by the project leader SMH, and the lecture on the topics was conducted by the main expert of the project, Phd. Lazar Jovevski.

The project beneficiary opened the workshop and welcomed all participants. This was first “in live“meeting after a longer period of time due to the pandemic. After the opening words all the delegates were presented. The expert started the first session that consisted the overview of the project activities, summarizing and analyzing the current situation regarding artificial intelligence. Afterwards the expert continued with the next section “Presentation of the methodology: introduction and overview, research structure and methods of data collection”. In this part it was discussed about the necessity of the methodology, how was it created, with what purpose and how helpful tool it was for creating the comparative reports.

There was a discussion about what was done, were the desired goals achieved and what is expected to change in near future. The participants reminded us by shortly presenting their comparative analyzes based on the national reports. Every country expressed their own findings, discussing both the positive aspects and the difficulties that came from the implementation of artificial intelligence and digitalization.

After the lunch break, there was moderated a workshop where each partner – country took place and elaborate their opinions regarding the impact of AI and digitalization on the national situation in the metal sector in the upcoming period  and what challenges they expected to face.

The successful discussion the workshop was closed, followed by commentary session, after which the main expert summarized everything that was discussed during that day and sent his best regards to all partners until the next day.

On the second day all the partners were welcomed once again by the project beneficiary followed by short summary of the previous day. In the first section, the expert presented the the concept of the final publication: structure, statistics, legal basis – EU directives, recommendations. This publication is the final product from this project and it must meet certain standards.

Another topic that was discussed during the second day was “The best way for rapid implementation of the mechanisms of workplace information and consultation on the subjects of digitalization, artificial intelligence and new forms of work – past experience and successful stories”.

After the break there was a workshop on two different topics. The first topic was “How can we quickly educate, familiarize and prepare workers in the metal sector in order for them to understand the new concept of work with AI?” and the second one was “How can employers support the workers involvement in the anticipation and management of change in the process of restructuring as a result of AI and other new and emerging technologies?”. All participants divided in one of the both groups participated and discussed on the chosen subject. They shared the information about their own countries, and expressed their opinions on the following subjects. After the lunch there was questions and answers segment followed by short summary on everything that was discussed during the two days of the workshop, also there were given information for the upcoming project activity. This meeting was ended by the project beneficiary who sent his best regards to all partners until the next meeting.